Nina Beana and the Owenroake
Treasure Hunters

By M. K. McDaniel

M. K. McDaniel

M. K. McDaniel (Michele) lives in a small rural town in Nevada with her husband. A devout Corgi lover, Michele spends a good deal of any spare time with her Corgis when she's not writing. Her writing career began in the second grade, after mastering the art of print, she began putting those stories to paper. Her first big break came when her teacher, Mrs. Wills of Mistletoe Elementary School, allowed her to skip her other lessons because she loved to write stories. Unfortunately, this special privilege was short-lived when her parents discovered her low grades in her other courses. Michele's writings included published college papers, stories, poems, and in 2011 she published, "Nina Beana and the Owenroake Treasure Hunters". Her love for writing has continued throughout her life and will continue in the Nina Beana Series. 

Ms. McDaniel is currently up her knees in the murky darkness of Nina Beana and The Goblet of Gyantor - the rescue team is in dire circumstances again and although the author is attempting a magical intervention, she is yet uncertain of a happy outcome. The magical items that Zortimer seeks have been placed in the hands of an unwilling, yet capable ally now on the run from the evil socerer's henchmen. Jake and Ben are in the pit of the screaming condors and Nina and the rest of the team are lost inside an active volcano!  Just another day for the characters in the Nina Beana Series.

Nina Beana and the Magic Goblet of Gyantor will release soon!