Nina Beana and the Owenroake
Treasure Hunters

By M. K. McDaniel


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Beware! Goblins with an Attitude!

Posted by Bartimus Maximus (Bartie) on March 26, 2013 at 6:50 PM

The first abnormal creature to show up in Nina Beana and the Magic Goblet of Gyantor is a goblin. Goblins are cousins to the brownie or the gnome. The goblin is a creature of fortune who loves wealth. Approximately half the size of humans, goblins have magical abilities. Although they are often thought of as unintelligent due to their greenish color, reptilian lidless eyes, forked tongues, and scaly skin, goblins are very clever and may disguise mental acuity for their own purposes. Goblins are arrogant, rude, mischievous and surly. Goblins will only behave orderly if ordered so by a more powerful villain. They have been known to carry iron weapons like hammers, pitch-forks, hoes, and swords. Often living in tribes, goblins are never usually found alone. Goblins can be bribed, but they are ever loyal to their own kind.  In Nina Beana and the Magic Goblet of Gyantor the goblins hide a secret knowledge, desperately needed by the rescue team. They also cause a very large disturbance in Fort Fernbottom as Zortimer sends his evil entourage across the breached barrier. Goblins are friends with all evil spirits, but arch enemies to elves.

Mom, I found a ghoul! Can I keep him?

Posted by Bartimus Maximus (Bartie) on March 19, 2013 at 7:05 PM

What is a Ghoul? A ghoul is a folkloric demon associated with graveyards and generally consumes human flesh, often classified as the undead, but not a Zombie. The creature also preys on young children, drinks blood, eats the dead, and has been known on occasion to take the form of the eaten person.

A ghoul is a member of a nocturnal, subterranean race – living underground, or in the case of Nina Beana and the Owenroake Treasure Hunters, they live in Crystal’s Caverns. Some ghouls were once human, but a diet of human corpses, and long periods of living underground in the dark, mutated them into horrific skeletal beings with dripping, rotting flesh clinging to their bones.

The ghouls in Nina Beana and the Owenroake Treasure Hunters have remained underground in the dark for centuries. They are more animal than human and continue in the tradition of Ghouls, to eat human flesh - hoping to become human again. They are loyal to evil, although they are not free thinkers. They choose to obey the evil sorcerer in the series, Zortimer. They prove to be very strong, determined, and look very frightening. Ariana points out that although they are not intelligent, they do become formidable in packs. Ghouls do not make good pets. You do not want to feed, pet, or attempt to leash a ghoul under any circumstances.

Stay tuned to learn what one of the monster foes our hero’s will face in Book 2, Nina Beana and the Magic Goblet of Gyandor!

So really, don't feed the Dragon!!

Posted by Bartimus Maximus (Bartie) on March 17, 2013 at 6:20 PM

The Dragon in Nina Beana and the Owenroake Treasure Hunters is a dragon with an attitude, and one should definitely not attempt to feed, pet, or communicate with said Dragon!! Your standard elephant weighs 12,000 pounds or 6 tons.  Now times that by 5 or 6 and you begin to see the size of the dragon in Nina Beana and the Owenroake Treasure Hunters who attempted to crispy-fry Benter and Jake - approximately 36 tons or 6 fully grown, hefty elephants.  It's estimated that a fire-breathing dragon of this size could melt iron with a good, lengthy exhale of fire and the flames may have extended up to 500 feet.  The dragon chasing Benter and Jake was a red dragon with some blue/black markings.

Red dragons are greedy and covetous, and obsessed with many things including treasure.  They live in warm habitats, such as volcanoes or tropical islands - like Marrisa's Lake. The red dragon's domain is the mountain and the island. They are cunning and terrible.

A red dragon can be identified by is long wings and two long horns. It has a long, red, forked tongue. Tiny flames often dance in and from the nostrils. The dark aqua eyes with black slits gleam with unrestrained greed when viewing treasure. The red dragon smells of smoke and sulfur.

Red dragons are fiercely territorial. They prefer to eat meat, especially people. The best part of a meal for a red dragon is drinking the blood of it's victim.  Red dragons are difficult to kill due to several magical abilities which we will discover in Nina Beana and the Magic Goblet of Gyantor.  

Stay tuned....our next blog will cover Ghouls - you don't want to feed them either.


Posted by Bartimus Maximus (Bartie) on October 19, 2011 at 9:20 PM

LOOK INSIDE Nina Beana and the Owenroake Treasure Hunters on now - check out the table of contents, read the first chapter, and a few more parts of the book!!! :):D