Nina Beana and the Owenroake
Treasure Hunters

By M. K. McDaniel


Beware! Goblins with an Attitude!

Posted by Bartimus Maximus (Bartie) on March 26, 2013 at 6:50 PM

The first abnormal creature to show up in Nina Beana and the Magic Goblet of Gyantor is a goblin. Goblins are cousins to the brownie or the gnome. The goblin is a creature of fortune who loves wealth. Approximately half the size of humans, goblins have magical abilities. Although they are often thought of as unintelligent due to their greenish color, reptilian lidless eyes, forked tongues, and scaly skin, goblins are very clever and may disguise mental acuity for their own purposes. Goblins are arrogant, rude, mischievous and surly. Goblins will only behave orderly if ordered so by a more powerful villain. They have been known to carry iron weapons like hammers, pitch-forks, hoes, and swords. Often living in tribes, goblins are never usually found alone. Goblins can be bribed, but they are ever loyal to their own kind.  In Nina Beana and the Magic Goblet of Gyantor the goblins hide a secret knowledge, desperately needed by the rescue team. They also cause a very large disturbance in Fort Fernbottom as Zortimer sends his evil entourage across the breached barrier. Goblins are friends with all evil spirits, but arch enemies to elves.

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